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Great American Cookies is one sweet franchise, and it’s just one of five brands represented by the Global Franchise Group (GFG). Learn all about Great American Cookies’ history, franchise options, menu offerings, and more in this comprehensive eBook.


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At GFG, we are proud to represent brands that have developed a reputation for quality over the years. Whether customers are looking for a sweet treat to enjoy while shopping or to pick up dinner for their family, they can count on these GFG brands to fulfill their needs. In this eBook, you can:

  • Research all of GFG’s brands including Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, Marble Slab Creamery, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Round Table Pizza.
  • Learn about the history of these brands
  • Compare franchise options
  • Review our menu offerings
  • Discover the training and support programs we offer

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The Global Franchise Group Book of Brands