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The Quick Service Restaurants and Snack Food Industry

How Big Is the Industry?

Great American Cookies is part of a huge snack food franchise industry that is steadily growing.

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Quick Service Restaurants Earned $200 Billion in the United States in 2015 Alone

QSRs (quick service restaurants) used to be exclusively hamburgers and French fries, but the industry is evolving as consumers’ tastes are changing.

The majority of millennials buy and eat snacks away from home, from QSRs such as Great American Cookies. Their eating habits show no sign of slowing down; indeed, all statistics indicate that the snack food franchise industry is going to grow. QSRs as a whole are projected to grow by 2.5% each year until 2020.*

All this growth could turn into money in your pocket. All you need to do is take the leap and invest in a Great American Cookies franchise.

* https://www.franchisehelp.com/industry-reports/fast-food-industry-report

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