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Since 1977, we have been baking our cookies fresh every day. During that time, we have provided our customers with delicious cookies and brought innovations to the gourmet cookie industry, including the invention of the cookie cake.

During the last forty years, we have maintained the integrity of our first Great American Cookies shop, still baking our cookies fresh, in-store, every day. Even as our menu has grown from just a few flavors to a wide range of delectable desserts including gooey brownies, cookie cakes, and other trademark flavors, we have remained dedicated to our original principle: fresh-baked cookies taste best.

In order to do this, we have set up our own factory in Atlanta in which our dough is produced. This never frozen dough is then transported to our locations nationwide where our stores bake each cookie with individual care.

Additionally, our in-house research and development team is committed to finding the newest innovations in cookies. Since inventing the cookie cake, our R&D team has worked tirelessly to find the flavors that combine new, gourmet ideas with the comfort and nostalgia of a home-baked cookie.

We are dedicated to providing every customer with the same amazing experience. From our first customer to our last, Great American Cookies provides a quality experience and a quality cookie.

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