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Great American Cookies: Other Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

Investing in a non-traditional Great American Cookies location allows you to bring our fresh-baked cookies and cookie cakes to communities outside of shopping malls. Given the flexibility of our location requirements and the versatility of our products, Great American Cookies fits nicely in many different location types.

Did You Know?

  • Great American Cookies is a flexible brand that adapts buildout to fit a variety of locations of all sizes?
  • A Great American Cookies franchise can accommodate unique venue needs like shared kitchen or preparation space and seasonal openings?
  • Our marketing team specializes in creating channel-specific marketing to help you speak directly to your customers, wherever you locate your franchise?
  • With all of this flexibility and support, the options for non-traditional Great American Cookies locations are nearly endless.

Location Inspirations

Here are a few ideas for Great American Cookies locations outside of the shopping mall. Any location with a high level of foot traffic could make for a great location to open a Great American Cookies franchise. Whether customers are looking for a cookie to enjoy on-the-go, or a cookie cake to celebrate something important, our versatile menu has options for everyone. These are just a few ideas – can you think of others in your community?

Stadiums and Arenas

High concentrations of people in a single area add up to a lot of potential business for a Great American Cookies franchise. Our fresh-baked, shareable snacks are sure to please sports fans and concertgoers who are looking for a sweet treat. The smell of baking cookies will be a tempting attraction for customers, and our cookies will stand out from the other venue offerings. Not to mention, our product is grab-n-go!

Military Bases

Military bases are their own self-contained communities, complete with their own restaurants. With constant influxes of new people (including both enlisted service men and women, occasionally their families, and civilian contractors) you’ll have a diverse customer base ready to try your product year-round. With a consistent flow of activity, events such as birthdays and promotions happen every day on military bases, making this a perfect population for our cookie cake offerings.

people watching a movie in a theater

Travel Centers and C-Stores

Great American Cookies works well in convenience stores and travel centers for three reasons. First, our locations require as little as 250 400 square feet to operate, so your franchise can make a big impact in a small space. Our cookies are made from the finest ingredients, but are simple for employees to bake in a short amount of time. Second, our menu is made of simple foods from quality ingredients, and customers can taste the difference. Commuters and travelers will appreciate this high-quality offering on-the-go. And third, convenience stores and travel centers benefit from high visibility. Their advertising and marketing campaigns will draw customers to you, making it easier for you to attract clientele.

Theme Parks and Attractions

Opening your franchise or licensed concept in a theme park is a great way to get involved in the booming entertainment industry. Park-goers will appreciate the availability of fresh-baked cookies as they enjoy a day in the park. One benefit of franchising with Great American Cookies is our flexibility. If there is a seasonal attraction in your area that you’d like to take advantage of (such as a haunted house or water park), you can easily open a short-term location.

Movie Theaters

Finding the perfect concession is an important part of any movie-going experience. Great American Cookies helps to elevate the concession experience by offering our gourmet cookies alongside the popcorn and candy. Opening a Great American Cookies inside a movie theater offers you all of the benefits of being in a mall food court (a high level of foot traffic, customers who are looking to relax and have fun), with the added benefit of accessing clientele who are looking specifically for a sweet treat to enjoy.

Becoming a Great American Cookies franchise owner is a great step to take in your career, and our non-traditional location opportunities make it even easier to maximize our brand. Our flexible franchise opportunity fits in a wide variety of venues, so get in touch with us to find out more about non-traditional locations.

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