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Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

Great American Cookies offers a flexible franchise opportunity that can fit in a wide variety of locations​. We’re happy to report that our non-traditional cookie franchise non-traditional opportunities allow you to spread the love of cookies in virtually any location.

What Makes a Location Non-Traditional?

Opening your store

A traditional Great American Cookies franchise is inside a mall or shopping center, but we are so much more than that! Our non-traditional franchises, which are in high-traffic spots separate from a mall or shopping center, provide excellent opportunities to our owners. There are so many possibilities for non-traditional locations; take a look at the bottom of this page for some ideas). The idea of non-traditional locations is to leverage the traffic of other venues and convert them into customers.

A non-traditional dessert franchise opportunity is a great fit wherever there is a high volume of foot traffic—places like college campuses, airports, and theme parks. Additionally, locations near a lot of commuter traffic are also big winners—consider convenience stores, military bases, or travel centers.

Non-traditional franchise opportunities are appealing because they are flexible, unique, and contain captive audiences. Each location has something different to offer, which creates a unique customer experience while still baking the delicious cookies, cookie cakes, and brownies that made Great American Cookies famous.

Great American Cookies Works in Non-Traditional Locations

What is it about Great American Cookies that works in non-traditional locations? We draw from our years of experience in helping our franchisees. Plus, our delicious food is a popular choice virtually anywhere! Here’s why we are the experts on making a non-traditional dessert franchise work:

  • FOOD: Nothing makes your day sweet like a cookie, and nobody does cookies like us! Our cookies are baked fresh in store from dough that is never frozen, which keeps the integrity of our quality ingredients. Our recipe is the same one we have used for 30 years, passed down from our founder’s grandmother. We have taken the dessert franchise concept and run with it, inventing the Cookie Cake and dreaming up delectable brownies and Double Doozies. With few exceptions, our cookies, brownies, and Cookie Cake slices are portable for most non-traditional venues. Most non-traditional venues are foot traffic heavy and full of customers on the go. Having a portable product is a key differentiator in these alternative venues.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Every location and every opportunity is different, and Great American Cookies has the tools and experience to meet your needs. Our cookie franchise is flexible enough to adapt our buildout to almost any location, fitting in locations in as little as 400 square feet. For example, non-traditional locations like concessions stands in arenas or theme parks provide a common preparation space that vendors share. While other franchise brands might hesitate at the idea of sharing space, we go forward with confidence! Where some brands see problems, we see opportunities!
  • COBRANDING: Our partnership with Global Franchise Group—and our sister companies—is one of our biggest assets. Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery—GFG’s two dessert brands—are a match made in heaven. Cobranding gives you the opportunity to capitalize on these two complementary brands. You can learn more about cobranding by downloading our ebook!

The Benefits of a Non-Traditional Dessert Franchise

Non-traditional locations have all the benefits of owning a Great American Cookies franchise, with some new benefits on top of it!

These benefits include:

  • CAPTIVE AUDIENCES LOOKING TO BUY TREATS: Opening ​new QSR opportunities opportunities in non-traditional venues helps our franchise owners go where their customers are.
  • MENU FLEXIBILITY: Not all stores need our entire menu and we’re willing to work with the location specs to help offer a venue-targeted menu.
  • SOLID CUSTOMER BASE: Opening locations in venues with steady traffic like airports, military bases, casinos, etc. allows you to have a steady base of regular customers along with the revolving door of new customers.

Unique Customer Base

A Unique Customer Base

Because no two non-traditional franchises are alike, each one will attract a unique set of customers. Traditional Great American Cookies franchises attract one, narrow type of customer—mall shoppers. Non-traditional franchises, on the other hand, reach more people. ​They bring the Great American Cookies decadent treats to a broader audience.

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The key to making a non-traditional dessert franchise work? Targeting a specific group of people who will make up your customer base. Simply put, the location you choose directly impacts the customers you are targeting.

Placing your franchise in a highly visible location, as most non-traditional fast food franchise opportunities are, allows you to connect with a new audience and existing cookie lovers. Seeing a Great American Cookies franchise at a sports stadium or convenience store gives our customers another place to enjoy our delicious cookies.

New Locations = New Opportunities

Part of what makes the non-traditional model work is when you take traffic into account when you choose your location. A high concentration of people is necessary for a non-traditional dessert franchise to work, so ensure that you choose a location with a lot of movement surrounding it.

Because there are so many options, non-traditional franchises can have a large customer base. Customer traffic can be in the form of foot traffic or commuter traffic. Locations like airports, college campuses, stadiums, and movie theaters all see a lot of people walking back and forth, while city centers and convenience stores experience a lot of commuter traffic. Any of these spaces presents an ideal location for a cookie franchise.

Need Some Ideas?

Non-traditional franchise opportunities are lurking everywhere in your community. The beauty of Great American Cookies is that we are flexible enough to fit virtually anywhere, including many of these locations:

  • Airports
  • College campuses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Water parks
  • Boardwalks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Theme parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert venues
  • Travel destinations
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Ski resorts
  • Large office spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Convenience stores
  • Travel plazas
  • Big box retailers
  • Community centers

Questions? Get in Touch

Non-traditional franchise opportunities present lots of options to our franchisees. Get in touch with us to get your questions answered and learn more about our outstanding brand!

More Ideas for Non-traditional Franchise Locations

Your community presents a wealth of non-traditional dessert franchise opportunities. In fact, you can put a Great American Cookies franchise virtually anywhere and find customers.

Entertainment facilities like water parks and bowling alleys are prime non-traditional franchise locations. Travel destinations, such as casinos and resorts, are excellent sites, too.

You don’t have to limit yourself to leisure areas, either. Business districts and office buildings are ideal non-traditional franchise locations thanks to the high foot traffic from employees and executives.

Start Your Franchise Journey

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