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Licensing Opportunities: College and University Campuses

Great American Cookies Goes to College

If there is one thing we all know about college students, it is that they are always hungry. As professors fill students’ minds with knowledge, the dining halls and cafeterias are responsible for filling their bellies with delicious food. Adding Great American Cookies to the student union or anywhere else on campus gives students a new option for a tasty treat to sweeten the college experience.

We Know What College Students Like

Students go to the dining hall for a number of reasons beyond just food. Of course, they are looking for fuel for their studies and extra-curricular activities, but food can also serve a social purpose. Great American Cookies is an ideal dessert brand to put in a dining hall or food court because our treats are the perfect complement to student life.

Whether students drop in after orientation, before the homecoming game, or in the middle of a hardcore studying session, our smiling employees and obvious sense of fun make Great American Cookies a natural fit. Adding Great American Cookies to meal plans makes it that much more convenient for students, who are always looking for good food for a good deal.

We attract students with a college-specific marketing plan that speaks to them directly. There is no one size fits all marketing strategy with Great American Cookies; we create materials specifically to reach students and address their unique needs.


A Customizable Experience

Space is limited in dining halls and stadium concessions, and Great American Cookies can work within the restrictions of your space to fit in almost any venue.

Inline – A perfect choice for any dining hall, cafeteria, or stadium. Inline stores serve the complete Great American Cookies menu, including Cookie Cakes for students who wish to celebrate the end of finals, spirit week, graduation, or any other occasion. Inline locations take advantage of the seating areas shared with other restaurants and are an ideal dessert offering to complement restaurants with full meals.

Satellite – A cookie satellite location serves students from a limited menu of treats, which is why these micro-sites are such a smart option when space is tight. Think about a cookie cart traveling across campus during peak hours or roving through tailgaters before the big game, and you can see the potential of a site like this. Satellites work in conjunction with another store where employees bake the cookies and brownies to our high standard, giving a boost to the campus meal options.

Kiosk – Kiosks are a unique option that is popping up, and Great American Cookies is an ideal fit. These small and convenient locations are no trouble for our stores, where we can buildout in as little as 250 square feet. The mouth-watering smell of baking cookies is sure to entice students to swing by as they hurry off to class, taking a sweet treat along with them. The best part? A kiosk can be a standalone store or act as a satellite to another Great American Cookies location elsewhere on campus.

Co-Branding Opportunities

Great American Cookies and our sister brand, Marble Slab Creamery, go together like two peas in a pod. What better way to increase revenue and give students the sweet treats they desire than by pairing up cookies and ice cream? Co-branded stores take up slightly more space, but they leverage the many advantages of working in sync, including:

  • Dessert combinations like a cookie and ice cream sandwich
  • Portable treats for passengers to eat on the go
  • Flexible store layouts in as little as 400 square feet
  • Combined expenses and assets to run two businesses in one location

Licensing Great American Cookies for a college campus is a natural fit. Our unique brand and delectable desserts bring something new to campus that students crave. Talk with one of our agents to license Great American Cookies on campus.

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