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What Are the Startup Costs?

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Different locations have different expenses.

Every franchise location is different, so the cost to open each franchise varies. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the varying cost in the dessert franchise industry.

Let’s break it down for you:

  • Our franchise fee is $25,000
  • The minimum square footage for a cookie franchise is 400 square feet
  • The maximum square footage is 1,400 square feet
  • Average square footage is around 1,000 square feet
  • The location in which you invest will have its own laws, taxes, and licensing fees, as well as varying construction and rent costs.

When we take into account these factors and many others, we have found that our franchise owners’ initial costs range from $203,400 to $379,150*.

As you can see, the size of our stores vary and come in many different shapes and sizes. Below are the typical requirements of the different store types you can invest in.

  • Traditional Store: 1,600-1,800 square feet
  • Modular, Prefabricated Store: 500-1000 square feet
  • Co-Brand Store: 1,800-2,000 square feet
  • Satellite Store: 75-250 square feet in a shopping center or venue, but also requires a Traditional or Non-Traditional Store

Cookie franchises may be found in malls, shopping centers, strip malls, military bases, college campuses, and many other locations.

As the owner, you will find the ideal location for your Great American Cookies franchise, which will help you determine whether you want to invest in a traditional, modular, or satellite store. Your location will need to fit at least these two criteria in order to be considered a viable location for one of our gourmet cookie shops:

  • Minimum: population of 60,000 within a 10-mile radius
  • Minimum: median household income of $40,000

As long as your desired location meets these two main criteria, you are one step closer to potentially getting your piece of the multimillion-dollar dessert franchise industry!

See our available territories to find out if your city is on the map!

Don’t see your city? Contact us and together we can find out if your location is the right place for a Great American Cookies franchise!

Are you the ideal cookie franchise candidate?

How do you know if YOU are the right candidate to open a Great American Cookies franchise? Do you possess these attributes?

  • Friendly, outgoing personality
  • Passion for hard work
  • Commitment to yourself and your community
  • Confidence
  • ​Positive attitude
  • ​Net worth of $250,000+
  • $100,000+ in liquid assets

You will notice one thing missing from this list: restaurant experience. We do not require our cookie franchise owners to have restaurant or management experience at all, but restaurant or hospitality experience is a plus!

** This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. An offer can be made by prospectus only. The table above includes information regarding a franchisee’s estimated initial investment for traditional locations from Item 7 of Great American Cookies 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”). More information, including explanatory footnotes that supplement the table above, can be found in Item 7 of the FDD.

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