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​Multi-Unit Ownership is Easier than You Ever Imagined

Multi-Unit Ownership Is Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Global Franchise Group, the Great American Cookies parent company, makes owning multiple franchise units a streamlined process! Owning more than one franchise is a great way to increase your revenue streams, giving your franchise system greater earning potential.

Scaling up to multi-unit ownership is incredibly easy to do because GFG owns multiple QSR brands: Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery, Pretzelmaker, and Hot Dog on a Stick. If you open your first franchise in a mall, look for other potential possibilities in the same mall. You could even go so far as to have all four of our franchise concepts in one mall, making it easy for you as an owner. Your different brands can communicate and work together, increasing your potential for revenue even further. Marketing is much more cost effective when the units are within a defined radius.

Making a Cookie Sandwich

All of our franchise brands have similar operating systems and practices, which is yet another reason why owning more than one franchise concept is possible with Great American Cookies.

Landlords LOVE excellent operators which could give you first choice or special considerations if you have multi-units. Multi-unit and multi-brands help spread the risk you assume while operating your business. Additionally, GFG offers discounts to our multi-unit owners when they decide to invest in more than one brand or location.

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