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Why Franchise Instead of Opening a Business on Your Own?

  • June 12, 2019
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When it comes to owning a bakery, some investors may think this type of business may not require the same full-time commitment as other investments. Great American Cookies has seen how the difference between owning a bakery on your own as opposed to being actively involved in the cookie business with a reputable franchisor makes a difference for investors when it comes to their time and money. Make no mistake: operating one of our franchises takes work, but with our help, it’s easier than ever to build your own cookie business!

Training Made Easy

In opening your own business, being an expert in the field that you are entering is an essential aspect of the job. Having that knowledge and building it off your own can be beneficial, but gaining information from a larger brand that has been in the field since 1977 is one benefit of owning a bakery with Great American Cookies.  The training with us starts at Global Franchise Group (GFG) University, making owning a cookie business more manageable for newcomers. GFG partnered with Great American Cookies to keep our cookie business owners up-to-date on the industry trends that can help them get ahead, and our time-tested business model. Initial training includes the analysis of financial records, learning how to run your business, managing human resources, and the overall conceptual understanding of your business.

Consistent Support

Owners in the cookie business are continually struggling with keeping their menu and ideas fresh to achieve top positions in the industry.  The support franchisees receive at GFG University does not stop when they walk out the doors. Great American Cookies franchise support ranges from updated marketing assistance, owner training, as well as promotions to make sure your product remains in the public eye. Recent articles from sources including QSR Magazine have demonstrated how expanding menus and developing limited-time offers are a fundamental aspect of the QSR industry. With Great American Cookies partnership with Marble Slab Creamery, we are always working on updating menus to grow our product, maintaining the consistent attention to our brand that you will need when owning a bakery.

Visible Results

When it comes to making an investment, checking the pedigree and history of the company that you are committing yourself to makes sense in the cookie business. A recognizable brand, Great American Cookies has shown it is one that communities love. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Great American Cookies as the top franchise in the baked goods category, showing the dedication our brand has to the consumer to deliver a quality product on all fronts. Furthermore,the same baked goods industry that has shown $77 billion in overall revenue in 2018 and from 2013-2018 has grown by 5.5%, according to IBISWorld.com. Our investors have been a part of that success, and they’ve experienced loyalty from customers who love our product maintained through the support of GFG and Great American Cookies.

Do you think owning a bakery with Great American Cookies could be for you? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll give you more information on starting a cookie business of your own!