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The Snack Food Industry Is Growing

  • July 30, 2019
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Although all our investors have fallen in love with our product, we want to show you how the consumer is reacting. It’s as straightforward as a classic chocolate chip cookie, the customer is loving our product. Our snack food franchises can continue this success due to the outstanding flexibility the product has compared to any of the other food franchise. We want to go through not only the benefits of running a snack food franchise, but also how Great American Cookies stands out in comparison to the competition. 

Your Consumer Is Consistent

Who can say no to a cookie? With $27 billion in revenue coming from cookie production this year in the United States, it doesn’t seem like many people can. The amount of consumers the cookie has produced is increasing. This burst in consumption of the ‘ready to eat cookie’ projected to increase in the upcoming years. There were 245.53 million Americans who consumed ‘ready to eat cookies’ in 2018, which is expected to grow by almost two million in 2020. These numbers give our investors excitement that a cookie snack food franchises can retain its current success and obtain future customer growth.

Co-Branding Our Products

With the snack food industry being such a success, we’ve allowed franchisees to co-brand their product. In 2014, our parent company Global Franchise Group (GFG) developed a way for our product to gain depth with co-branding. One of the other snack food franchises that falls under GFG is an ice cream brand called Marble Slab Creamery. The combination of a warm cookie with a dollop of chilly ice cream is already natural pairing for the consumer. By co-branding, some of the offerings you will be able to provide for your customers include ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cookie cakes. Two businesses in one location will give your customers the chance to indulge in either product while doubling your potential income by offering two products instead of one. By co-branding your location, you will have the ability to capture a more significant portion of the snack food consumer with minimal extra investment. 

Location Options Are Endless With Snack Food Franchises

A significant benefit of snack food franchises is that our locations do not require much space. With our potential customers being located anywhere and everywhere, this is a tremendous benefit for selling our growing product. Great American Cookies has a variety of non-traditional locations that allow you to share the warmth our cookies give almost where-ever you see fit. With a range of sites varying from an airport to a casino, we have given our investors the ability to share their product where they believe there is demand. Our team of real-estate experts has helped franchisees in placing numerous snack food franchise investors in the past as well. We have experience with meeting the cookie demand and can help find the ideal location with you based on our booming industry. 

If you have more questions about how Great American Cookies has found success in the snack food industry, we can help. Contact us today, and we can talk all about how you can find success with a cookie franchise.