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The Anatomy of a Great American Cookies Franchise

  • December 29, 2016
cookie franchise opportunity team

As you focus on the type of business to invest in, you might have discovered that a cookie franchise opportunity is the way to go. At first, it might seem overwhelming to invest in and open a business, but with the support of the parent company, opening a franchise with Great American Cookies is easier than ever.

Great American Cookies is a cookie franchise opportunity that is backed by Global Franchise Group. This is the same company who sets up Pretzelmaker, Marble Slab Creamery, and Hot Dog on a Stick franchises. Chances are you’ve been enjoying their products for years. So, how to be a good franchise? Consider the following elements:

Offer Great Cookies

Obviously, if you’re investing in a cookie franchise opportunity, you’ll want to make sure the cookies you’re selling are amazing. The cornerstone of any cookie store would be their chocolate chip cookie which is the most popular selling item at Great American Cookies, but it’s not the only favorite. There are dozens of other snack items and menu innovations that keep the customers coming back. Just because Global Franchise Group is going to set you up with a popular menu doesn’t mean they won’t be adding to it. You can look forward to many exciting seasonal promotions as well as new treats that have been shown to be winners.

Get Your Customers in and Out

Anyone who is stopping by your Great American Cookies store is looking for a fast and tasty snack. The tested recipes will provide the tasty. As for the fast, that is something you need to impress upon your staff. Not only will your team need to be friendly, but also efficient. A smooth running cookie franchise opportunity means customers won’t have to wait long for their tasty treats. That will get them coming back again and again.

Building Up the Cookie Franchise Opportunity Brand

The moment you open your Great American Cookies store, you’ll already have a built-in customer base. These are the folks who have tried these cookies in other locations and know how wonderful they are. Of course, you can’t depend on that loyal base for all of your business. You need to always be on the lookout for way to build up your brand.

One of the most rewarding opportunities to build up the brand is with your community outreach. Once you get up and running, you should seek out those organizations and find out how you can support them. You’re a vital part of that community now and the more chances you have to get out from the store and share, the stronger your brand will become.

Working With Your Staff

You aren’t going to be at your Great American Cookies store around the clock, even though it might seem like that at the beginning. However, the goal should always be to have a well-trained staff be able to handle the operation. It’s also your role as boss/owner to listen to what your staff has to say about the cookie business.

For instance, they might discover there is a rush for cookies every day after school. You might have to adjust your baking schedules accordingly. They also will know which menu item is selling better. These are key insights that can only come when you provide your staff the opportunity to share.

To find out more about the opportunity to open your own Great American Cookies franchise, contact us today. You could be in the cookie business in no time at all!