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4 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Franchise

  • November 15, 2019
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In today’s economy, there are countless franchises to choose from and we know that making a decision can be difficult. At Great American Cookies, we know a thing or two about why starting a cookie business has lots of potential. Although sweets are our specialty, we understand what a great partnership between franchisor and franchisee should feel like. Read on to learn about a few of the signs that you’ve made a great match.

1. You Share the Same Values

It’s not just important to get to know your franchisor’s business model and the industry they operate within, it’s also important to get to know their ethos. What matters to them? What demands do they cater to? You should make sure to find a franchisor who shares your values because this increases the chances that you’ll be working towards similar goals (aside from growing your business). 

2. They Have a Great Reputation Among Franchisees

The best way to learn about what your experience as a franchisee will be like is to talk to existing franchisees. It’s true that even great franchisors can’t make everyone happy, so take negative reviews with a grain of salt. However, seeking out franchisee testimonials and even speaking with them one-on-one can paint a picture of what kind of treatment you should expect. Great franchisors will be transparent when it comes to connecting you with current franchisees. In fact, when you work through the application process for a Great American Cookies franchise, putting you in touch with existing franchisees is an important step!

3. They are Responsive to Your Questions

A great way to tell that a franchisor is invested in your success is that they’re responsive to your inquiries. Great responsiveness indicates that a franchisor is proud of their offering and they’re excited about getting to know you. At Great American Cookies, we make it simple to contact us, with forms conveniently located throughout our website. Furthermore, we make it a point to respond to prospective franchisees in a timely manner so that they have all the information they’ll need to make this important decision.

4. You’re Excited About Their Business

Many franchises, including ours, make it simple for franchisees to come on board with little prior experience. That being said, you should be interested in the business you’re about to join. If you’re thinking of starting a cookie business, you don’t necessarily need food industry experience but you should be excited about the prospect of serving up fresh-baked cookies to your community! This enthusiasm will likely help you better delegate responsibilities and make decisions that will impact your business every day. 

Great American Cookies works hard to provide our franchisees with the highest level of support around. Contact us to learn more about what it’s like to open your own cookie business!