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How to Draw Customers to Your Cookie Franchise

  • October 15, 2019
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Building your business means far more than just the construction of your physical location. The Great American Cookies franchise team has been assisting new business owners for years on formulating the best strategy to build their consumer base and retain daily foot traffic. Whether that’s through our multi unit franchise opportunities or a single store, our model can fit any type of investment strategy.  Let’s take a dive in and identify some of the ways our Great American Cookie franchisee support team will help guide you to a consistent flow of business.  

Established Brand Reach

When you invest in a Great American Cookie restaurant location, you’re being brought into a cookie franchise brand that has already done the legwork on building a consumer following. We have been working to perfect our craft since 1977, and it’s helped us accumulate incredible consumer awareness that you can take advantage of when you are brought onto our team. Our team is actively working on our marketing strategies to bring additional awareness to the brand you will be investing in. Great American Cookies corporate team has also reached out to amazing charities such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fight for causes that touch both the lives of our consumers but also our team members. We want to build a relatable brand message — that is what you can expect with a Great American Cookie franchises. 

The Optimal Location

Drawing customers into your business is also dependent on pinpointing an ideal location for your cookie franchise — an incredibly important requirement when building your consumer base. Will your restaurant benefit more from the continuous flow of commuters in an airport setting, or maybe the traffic facilitated by a local entertainment venue? Answering those questions is critical when situating your cookie franchises and our team will work with you as much as possible to determine the ideal spot. 

Spread Your Investment with Multiple Cookie Franchises

It’s quite simple, casting a larger net heightens your ability to catch more business. Great American Cookies is very excited to open up the possibility for multi unit franchise opportunities for potential investors — this a fantastic chance to expand your portfolio and increase your probability of potential revenue.  Multi unit franchise opportunities help investors who are looking to expand their radius of the business they own in a community. Global Franchising Group (GFG) even offers discounts for multi-unit owners under our associated brands. GFG owns multiple QSR brands including, Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery, Pretzelmaker, and Hot Dog on a Stick. Think of the possibilities: your investment could even include ownership of each of these brands in one shopping mall!

Interested in a multi unit franchise opportunity? Would you like to discover why our cookie franchise model is unique? Contact us today