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Holiday Fun and Opportunities for Franchisees

  • December 1, 2014
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With the holidays on the horizon, it is an exciting time for Great American Cookies franchisees. The holidays invite franchisees to establish a store as a part of the community with something valuable to offer. The holidays also give franchisees the opportunity to make the store stand out to a whole new customer base. Franchisees should look at the holidays as a chance to have some fun while forming connections, not as a guaranteed bankroll. If franchisees are sincere in their efforts, increased revenues may follow, but this should not be the only driving factor. Learn more about the best investment opportunities such as Great American Cookies.

Participate in Community Causes

While supporting local causes is always a good idea, around the holidays there are more program options. There is also a greater need, as families with low income strive to create a pleasant holiday for their loved ones. Great American Cookies franchisees can support holiday programs in the community by donating product, money, or time to helping the cause. Stores can also help by serving as a collection center for toys, food, and other donated goods. Franchisees can even get creative and find ways to help the community through their own efforts.

Deck the Halls with Best Investment Opportunities

Franchise stores can show holiday cheer with decorations. Store employees often get a thrill out being allowed to help with decorations and will put extra effort into making the store really stand out. Decorations are eye-catching, and may draw the attention of customers that normally would not have noticed the store. Decorations also help to promote the holiday spirit. On holidays, franchisees and store employees can dress the part to have a little fun.

Holiday Party Goods

Cookies, brownies, cookie cakes, and the other delights that Great American Cookies sells are perfect for parties and large gatherings, which are customary through the holidays. Displaying holiday-themed cookie cakes and sampler platters so that they are the first thing customers see will help to promote these items. Encouraging employees to promote these items to customers may also help to boost knowledge of the offerings.

Holiday Marketing Opportunities

Posting pictures of the platters and cookie cakes that are the most creative or visually appealing on social media may help to get the word out to prospective customers. Many people are looking for an easy and delicious snack for holiday parties, but may not think of Great American Cookies unless it is advertised where they will see it. Offering coupons and simply replacing customary advertisements with holiday-themed ads may also help to increase the enthusiasm and draw in new customers.

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