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Cookies: A Great Franchise Opportunity

  • May 14, 2015
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Many smart men and women have said that a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Since the debut of the chocolate chip cookie, cookies have become a national staple, apple pie, baseball, and the stars and stripes. So to match the other great American past times, consider opening a Great American Cookies franchise!

Specials You Can’t Resist

If a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand, then deals that make that more affordable than ever is something that no one can resist. Not only will people get what they want at a terrific price, but the franchise provides several options in terms of sizes and types of cookies. Whether you want a half dozen regular sized cookies, a two dozen mini-cookie, or a big giant cookie to all split, the specials will make it impossible for customers to walk away unhappy.

A Great Franchise Opportunity for Everyone

Often found in shopping centers, Great American Cookies provides the perfect treat to exhausted mothers, fussy children, and dads with low blood sugar as they make their way through their shopping list.  This cookie franchise helps give everyone a taste of their favorite cookies whether it’s: chocolate, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, M&M, snickerdoodle, and of course the classic chocolate chip.

The Fun Stuff

What makes Great American Cookies such a great franchise opportunity is that they give their cookies and treats lots of extra pizzazz. If you were impressed with their cookie cakes, imagine creating a specialized cookie cake the size of your teacher’s whiteboard at school! Fun is at the heart of Great American Cookies and customizes orders for any occasion. Whether your customers are celebrating the birth of a new little girl into their family, their grandma’s 90th birthday, or a boyfriend wants to make Valentine’s day delicious as well as special for his girlfriend, no one will walk away empty handed!

So if you’re wanting to start a franchise, consider one that is a great American classic, like Great American Cookies! Visit our website for more information!