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All the Facts About Co-Branding with Great American Cookies

  • October 23, 2018
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Great American Cookies a successful brand thanks to its commitment to producing quality cookies and a strong business model that encourages its franchise owners to perform. Beyond Great American Cookies, in the larger family of Global Franchise Group brands, there are opportunities for co-branding with a business within GFG.

Global Franchise Group brands include Marble Slab Creamery, Hot Dog on a Stick, Pretzelmaker, and Round Table Pizza.

Co-Branding with a Business Benefits Everyone

It may sound like a daunting task to co-brand, but have no fear as the process is much easier than you would think. Co-branding with a business in the GFG umbrella allows for numerous benefits for you and your franchise.

For example, by co-branding with a Marble Slab Creamery franchise, you open yourself up to being a one-stop shop for the dessert cravings of your customers. What’s better than pairing a warm, gooey cookie with a cold, refreshing cup of fresh ice cream? Opening a co-branded franchise in one central location can help you maximize your investment and give your customers everything they crave at one spot.

By co-branding with a business that you know, the benefits to you could be endless. Only having to pay the overhead of one location, as well as a discount on the second franchise fee, will save you money in the long term. The ability to serve treats from two brands can win customers over twice in one easy go. Just as important, Global Franchise Group has a team of experts that specialize in not just franchising, but also specifically co-branding that will do everything it can to hopefully put you in a position to find success.

Opportunities in New Places

Co-branding with a business that is a part of Global Franchise Group will open the door to more non-traditional franchising opportunities. Many Great American Cookies franchises are located in malls or shopping centers. By co-branding with a business that pairs with your cookie franchise, you can create a unique opportunity to run your franchise in numerous spaces both traditional and non-traditional.

GFG can adapt almost any space to fit the needs of its brands whether big or small. This also goes for traditional locations. Every location has its unique challenges, and GFG will be there to help you from Day 1.

To learn more about co-branding with another business contact us today to have your questions answered and for more information.