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5 Reasons Why a Great American Cookies Franchise Opportunity Is the Right One for You

  • February 26, 2019
cookie franchise opportunities

#1: People Love Cookies!

Who can say no to a delicious, perfectly-baked cookie made with extra care and high-quality ingredients? Not many! That’s the number one reason why, if you’re looking to become a successful business owner, a cookie franchise opportunity with us might be your way to do it. We’re part of the huge snack food franchise industry that caters to the public’s growing love of convenient and tasty foods served in quick service restaurants (QSRs). The majority of millennials, for instance, buy and eat snacks at QSRs like Great American Cookies, and their eating habits show no signs of slowing down. Indeed, all trends indicate that the snack food franchise industry is growing. QSRs as a whole are projected to increase by 2.5% each year until 2020. So, why not be part of that? With a Great American Cookies franchise, all that growth could mean money in your pocket!

cookie franchise opportunities

#2: We’re Part of an Important Family of Snack Food Brands

Great American Cookies is a member of the Global Franchise Group, a parent company that specializes in QSR franchise brands. Through their guidance and experience, we have become experts in the cookie franchise industry. Indeed, the combined decades of experience from all of our brands has resulted in our thorough knowledge of a niche market and an amazing experience for both franchise owners and customers. An investment in a cookie franchise opportunity through us is an investment in a franchise you can trust.

#3: We Are One of the Best Cookie Franchise Opportunities

The pride in our product shows — which is why Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked us the No. 1 Baked Goods Franchise Opportunity for six years running. What does our No. 1 status prove?

  • We have a reputation for delicious, high-quality, gourmet cookies.
  • We provide our customers with an amazing service experience.
  • Our fresh, NEVER frozen dough sets a very high bar for the competition.

#4: Our Franchisee Training and Support Is Unmatched

One of the biggest perks of a Great American Cookies franchise opportunity is the proven business concept you’ll be investing in, backed by a huge network of experienced individuals who are there to guide you every step of the way. As a new owner, you’ll receive help from our corporate personnel with everything from real estate selection to lease negotiations to location build-out. Additionally, we’ll teach you how to run your business’ day-to-day operations, how to keep financial records and manage your bookkeeping, and how to handle human resources. And when it comes time for your grand opening, we’ll be there to assist you and offer additional in-store training, which is key to helping you understand how to operate your new business. We know that questions or concerns may arise as time goes on, too, which is why our comprehensive support is ongoing. In short, we do everything possible to make sure our franchisees don’t go it alone!

#5: We Offer a Variety of Non-Traditional Location Choices for Your Store

We’re set up to accommodate new franchise owners in a variety of non-traditional settings, like airports, college campuses, movie theaters, and theme parks. A non-traditional location allows you to bring our fresh-baked cookies and cookie cakes to communities outside of shopping malls. Given the flexibility of our location requirements and the versatility of our products, Great American Cookies fits nicely in many different location types.

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