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5 Reasons to Start Your Great American Cookies Franchise

  • August 29, 2014
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Great American Cookies is a time-tested franchise concept that customers love. Franchisees have the support of the company every step of the way, from filling out the franchise application well through the day the doors open. This helps take the guesswork out of running the store so franchisees can focus their attention on making the most of this incredible franchise opportunity.

Here are five reasons why you should open a cookie franchise with Great American Cookies today:

  • Great American Cookies is a Multi-Unit Operator’s Dream Concept

Great American Cookies makes it easy and worthwhile to open several franchise locations. The company will help to train staff and someone will always be there to answer questions. The supply chain is streamlined, so franchisees never have to worry about inconsistency. Owning multiple franchise locations helps franchisees to corner a market in an area, making customers much more likely to think of Great American Cookies for all of their snacking needs. Multi-unit ownership has never been easier or more profitable than with Great American Cookies!

  • We are the Category Leader in Opening a Cookie Franchise

For the past five years, Great American Cookies has been recognized as the category leader in cookies by Entrepreneur magazine! This distinguishment does not come lightly, and it speaks volumes about the quality of the products.

  • We Invented the Cookie Cake

The Cookie Cake was a groundbreaking innovation in the world of cookies, and Great American Cookies was the originator of this delightful product. The cookie cake helped open up customer’s options for parties. Customers appreciate this newfound variety and show us every day by coming in to place cookie cake orders for a whole range of different kinds of celebrations!

  • We’ve “Shared the Fun of Cookies” for Generations of Family Celebrations

Great American Cookies has been around since 1977 and started out with a down-home recipe from the grandmother of one of the founders. It is this homemade taste that customers have cherished for generations now. While we pride ourselves on being innovators in the field, we also reach back to our roots and understand that nothing defines a great cookie store like a delicious and simple cookie recipe.

  • We’re Connecting with Cookie Lovers around the World!

Great American Cookies wants to bring the love of cookies to the rest of the world. We currently have store locations in seven countries outside of the United States. With the help of aspiring franchisees, we hope to see operations expand to many more countries as we connect with cookie lovers around the world!

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