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4 Real-Life Lessons About Owning a Franchise

  • March 12, 2015
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There are many lessons in life that we simply can’t learn without living the experiences. Ask any owners of the most profitable franchises, and they’ll surely have stories of earnest learning to share with you. Many might talk about the importance of team work, or more specific lessons like making sure all your finances are in order in a particular way. While we could go on and on, take a look at some critical real-life lessons for working to build and maintain a great franchise.

Trust Is Critical for All Relationships

Let’s face it – both business and personal relationships thrive on trust as a foundation. This is just as true for your relationship with your employees, your relationship with the franchising brand, and your relationship with your customers who come in every day and trust you with their health and wellbeing. This is why it’s so important to nurture all of these relationships in all their forms to ensure that trust is built and properly maintained.

Listening Creates Understanding

While you’re the owner and the head honcho of your dessert business, the most profitable franchises have leaders who know just the right times to take the reins and command the team, as well as when to sit back and listen. Team building and working as a team rely on the ability of all team members to communicate with each other and value each other’s’ opinions. In order to have truly constructive and fruitful discussions, it takes more than one person.

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

One of the best things about franchising is that you don’t ever need to be alone. Unlike an independent business where you’re starting from scratch, a franchise comes with a “built-in” support system. Furthermore, we encourage you to “buy in” with your spouse or other loved ones so that you have your own internal support system throughout your time as a franchise owner.

Happiness Is the Key to Profitable Cookie Franchises

We’ve all heard it over and over again. Confucius said it best when he said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” While it may be easy to slip into the routine of the 9-to-5 job under the pretense that it’s only temporary, a key to finding happiness in the long run is to make sure that we’re doing something that truly makes us happy. Owners of the most profitable cookie franchises understand this key, as they spend each not simply going through the motions, but appreciating the store they’ve built under a brand and they are proud of.