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3 Ways the Franchise Model Beats Starting Your Business from Scratch

  • December 26, 2019
starting a dessert business

Have you ever envisioned being the person to “call the shots” or to finally benefit from your leadership skills and dedication to your work? Business ownership is an incredible way to facilitate those traits into an exciting opportunity that sure beats the strain that accompanies a typical corporate position. While finding your footing on your own isn’t always a cookie cakewalk,  starting a dessert business with a brand like Great American Cookies presents a seamless ownership transition.  

1. Represent a Brand that Tops the Competition

An independent startup means starting fresh. Developing a new model, a new process and most importantly a new name. You want to build a brand that is appealing and engaging, however, doing so can be both a time and financially consuming process. When you start up with Great American Cookies, you won’t have to worry about establishing a unique voice or creating new awareness and interest. We are a standout name in our market and Entrepreneur has even recognized us as the top cookie franchise amongst the competition. This is due to both our extensive brand power and the ability to create an always-fresh product. So instead of using the first stages of your startup to build sustainable consumer awareness, we can work together to jumpstart your dream from an established fast-casual model.

2. Better Preparation for Starting a Dessert Business

Great American Cookies has helped investors of all kinds answer the question, “Where do I begin?” Day one of an independent business would be a lot easier if you had a crystal ball, however finding your footing is difficult if your concept is brand new. Great American Cookies has experience preparing business owners with valued training programs that answer some of the most important questions needed for starting a dessert business. You are brought out to Global Franchise Group (GFG) University to learn everything there is to know about keeping financial records and managing HR. Fully understanding your business and role before your grand opening: that’s every entrepreneur’s dream. 

3. You’re Part of a Team

While some entrepreneurs could see franchising as just expansion for a larger brand, for Great American Cookies it’s continuing to build our extensive family. When you pursue an independent business, that independence can often be isolating. By joining Great American Cookies, you’ll have the chance to own your own business with the unwavering support of our franchise development experts. We support you in the build-out of your location and are always available for any additional comments or concerns down the line. We will not sit back and continuously demand unrealistic results. Our team is your business’ backbone. 

Would you like to know more about starting a dessert business or the industry trends that benefit our model? Please, feel free to contact us at any time for more information.