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Invest in a Hot Philadelphia, PA Cookie Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

For those looking to build a successful cookie business, Philadelphia may be the perfect place to set up shop. Great American Cookies is looking for a franchisee to expand the company name into this great city. Philadelphia has an array of attractions to satisfy sports fans, history buffs, art lovers and nearly any other entertainment tastes. With all that the city has to offer, it is a great place to establish a thriving store and a fantastic place to live.

Walking in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was voted the fifth most walkable city in the United States by “Walk Score” in 2011. While the city is not as well known for its walking culture as some of the larger cities in the country, the presence of a walking culture is a perfect way for Great American Cookies franchisees to easily market without spending extra money on advertising. Franchisees can pay attention to local trends and be sure to strategically schedule “rebakes” throughout the day when walking traffic is most dense around the store. The irresistible scent of Great American Cookies baking in the oven allows the cookies to almost sell themselves to passersbyes.

Grab and Go Food

In keeping with the large walking culture, snacking on Great American Cookies is a great way to refuel fast while on the go. Appealing to this market is a simple matter of advertising in the right places and making sure that service is speedy when customers come in. Choosing a location that is in the direct path of children, such as near a school or recreational center, will keep business rolling all year round.

Warm Cookies on Cool Days

A warm cookie on a cool day warms the soul. Since Philadelphia is relatively cool throughout three fourths of the year, wise franchisees will take advantage of the matchless comfort that cookies offer when marketing. Local fairs and sports venues present perfect sites for selling the small, tasty treats.

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Untapped Market

Despite its large population of over 1.5 million, Philadelphia remains a largely untapped market for cookie franchises. In past years, the population of Philadelphia was declining, but this has turned around in recent years. The slow shift will allow a savvy great American Cookies franchisee to take advantage of the low priced housing and the high population density well ahead of the business crowd that is sure to come. Having this leg up on the competition will allow a cookie franchise to establish brand recognition and loyalty ahead of the rest.