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Invest in a Hot Salem, OR Cookie Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Open a Franchise in Salem?

Great American Cookies, inventor of the cookie cake, is excited to announce our newest franchise opportunity in Salem, Oregon!

Salem is an exciting city with a growing and thriving economy, perfect for a new franchise. Your Salem franchise will benefit from the economic strength created by a diverse economy in a central location. Additionally, as a Great American Cookies franchise owner, you will have access to amazing corporate support that can help you open your business and continue to operate it well.

Keep reading to learn more about investing with Great American Cookies in the vibrant city of Salem.

Strong Local Economy

A strong economy is one of the biggest advantages for your Salem franchise. Ranked #3 in cost of doing business by Forbes, Salem is the ideal location for a Great American Cookies franchise.

Salem is located favorably, within one hour’s drive of over 70% of the population of Oregon. As such, thousands of people drive in every day to work, play, shop, dine, and more. This drastically increases the customer base of your Salem franchise, giving it even more potential.

In addition, the city has an extremely diverse economy, which is great news for your Salem franchise. Economic diversity—exhibited in Salem by its major industries including agribusiness, technology, retail, health care, social services, and more—is one of the easiest ways for a city to resist recession. In fact, a city with diversely successful industries has an easier time recovering from economic downturn.

This is a huge boon for your Salem franchise, as the fewer economic ups and downs your business has to endure, the better.

Franchise Benefits

One of the major reasons that people decide to open a franchise instead of starting their own business from scratch is corporate support. When you invest with Great American Cookies, you will receive invaluable support from the moment you sign the franchise agreement and throughout the life of your business.

The support from corporate comes in a few different forms. The first form is ongoing training that keeps you up-to-date on all the developments. This training will continue throughout your time as a franchise owner, so you are never left out of the loop.

The second form is personnel. Not only will you have access to our corporate agents, but you will also be able to contact any of the hundreds of other franchise owners nationwide. You can explore ideas and get advice from your peers, but rest assured that you are still the owner so all decisions come down to you.

The third form of support is in the brand. When you open a Great American Cookies franchise, you are investing in a well-known brand that you can capitalize on. Great American Cookies already has a reputation for delicious cookies, gourmet cookie cakes, gooey brownies, and reasonable prices. Your Salem franchise will automatically benefit from this brand recognition, and you will save time and money on marketing.

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