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Invest in a Hot Eugene, OR Cookie Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Open a Franchise in Eugene?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity in Eugene, Oregon? Are you ambitious and hard working? Do you want to be your own boss? If you answered yes to those questions, Great American Cookies wants you to open our newest franchise in Eugene, Oregon!

Eugene is a great city for a Great American Cookies franchise because it is dedicated to continued improvement. Your Eugene franchise will be able to utilize the myriad of business resources that can help you maximize your business. Additionally, Eugene is constantly trying to improve itself for its residents and its businesses.

Keep reading to learn about investing in this exciting city!

Business Support Resources

Because small businesses are such an important part of the economy, the Eugene city government partnered with several private businesses and higher education centers to create RAIN—the Regional Accelerator Innovation Network. RAIN is a program that is committed to creating jobs by encouraging startup businesses.

Your Eugene franchise may also be able to benefit from the Business Development Fund, or BDF. BDF loans have helped more than 230 businesses in Eugene by lending nearly $18 million. The money lent by the BDF has gone on to stimulate an additional $58 million in private investment in the Eugene area.

These are just examples of the kind of resources that are available in this vibrant city. Your Eugene franchise can take advantage of these programs to make opening your business even easier.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise

When you open a franchise, you get to enjoy the freedom and independence of owning your own business as well as the security of having an experienced corporate network behind you at all times. At Great American Cookies, we take great care to ensure that this corporate network is always there to help our franchise owners.

From the moment you sign the franchise agreement and throughout your time as a Great American Cookies franchise owner, you will receive unparalleled support from us. We provide ongoing training as well as individual contacts with corporate personnel on whom you can call when you have an issue or question.

In addition to the corporate agents, you will also have access to an enormous network of fellow franchise owners who can give advice and ideas based on their experiences. The relationships you form with the other franchisees can prove to be invaluable as your business grows and thrives.

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City Development

Eugene is a city that is dedicated to improvement. The city government and the citizens are all constantly working to improve quality of life, the business climate, and the environment. Indeed, Eugene has managed to wrap up all of these categories into one government agency: the Sustainability Commission.

The Sustainability Commission acts as advisors for law and policy makers about policies that are relevant to the environment, energy consumption, waste, and more. The commissioners help develop solutions for sustainability issues in an effort to create a healthy environment today and tomorrow.

In addition, the Commission educates people and businesses about ways to improve lives, save energy, waste less, and save money. Your Eugene franchise can learn to think about the environment in ways that help your bottom line.

There is no time to delay! This franchise opportunity in Eugene is so good that it surely won’t last long.

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