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Invest in a Hot Cincinnati, OH Cookie Franchise Opportunity

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Make History in Cincinnati with Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies is looking for someone to become the newest franchise owner in Cincinnati, Ohio! Cincinnati’s strong economy and helpful resources for new business owners make it the ideal city in which to open a franchise. In addition to the fantastic economic indicators, Cincinnati’s famous historical district provides fun activities for residents and tourists alike. Keep reading to learn more about what Cincinnati has to offer a Great American Cookies franchise.

Strong Economy

Cincinnati does well in all the major economic indicators, including an unemployment rate that is nearly 2% lower than the national average and a cost of living that is over 7% below the national average. It doesn’t stop there! Job growth in Cincinnati is nearly double the rate of the United States as a whole. All of these factors combined to earn Cincinnati its place as #75 on Forbes list of the 200 Best Places for Business and Careers. This is a well-earned distinction, as Cincinnati’s larger metro population of 2.1 million people all benefit from the city’s strong economy.

Small Business Administration

One thing that can always keep an economy strong is focusing on small businesses, which is why Cincinnati collaborates with the Small Business Administration in Ohio to provide small business owners with advice and counseling. The SBA helps business owners network with each other through training events and other seminars. In addition, the SBA is affiliated with an organization called SCORE, which is made up of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs, all of whom volunteer their time to donate their real-life experience with new business owners.

Over the Rhine

Cincinnati isn’t just made up of economic indicators; the city has a vibrant historical community in the Over the Rhine historic district. According to the National Register of Historic Places, Over the Rhine is one of the largest historic districts in the United States. This part of downtown is home to Old St. Mary’s, Cincinnati’s oldest church where believers can still hear mass in German once a week.

There are also so many brewery buildings on McMicken Avenue that the street has been dubbed Brewers’ Boulevard by the city’s residents. Indeed, Over the Rhine is believed to have the largest collection of brewery buildings in the United States, even though some of the buildings that were there in the nineteenth century have since been demolished.

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The time to invest is now! Cincinnati has so much to offer our franchise owners that we could go on forever about what a wonderful city it is. When you invest in Great American Cookies in Cincinnati, you will receive unparalleled training and operational support from our corporate, getting you started on the right track immediately.

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