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Invest in a Hot Rochester, NY Cookie Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Great American Cookies is excited to announce that it’s looking for someone ambitious and hard-working to become the latest franchise owner in Rochester, New York! Rochester is a vibrant town with a diverse population and lots of higher education. As the city strives to improve its infrastructure and culture, Great American Cookies can add to the many wonderful qualities Rochester already possesses.


Well over 200,000 people live in Rochester, a large portion of whom are students. A student population is a bonus for any business owner, especially a gourmet cookie maker, because a student population is constantly revolving. This makes your potential customer base large and ever changing so people will never get bored of going to Great American Cookies…not that they would ever get bored of fresh baked cookies and custom made cookie cakes!

College Town

With over twenty institutions of higher learning in Rochester, it can definitely be considered a college town. As has already been mentioned, a student population is good for business in that it’s always changing, but there are other benefits to owning a business in a college town. Students will love dropping by Great American Cookies for a snack between classes, a treat during a date, or some sweet fuel before a test.

In addition to the students themselves, campus life lends itself well to mixed use buildings, which combine dining, retail, office, and living into one large building. One such building in Rochester, the aptly named College Town, is doing just that, adding in quick serve dining and retail shops to the student apartments at the top of the building, truly making it a one stop shop for the students at the University of Rochester.

City Improvements

Rochester is a city that is constantly changing, and the city government is striving to keep up with that change–while still maintaining the city’s history and integrity–by implementing various city improvement projects throughout Rochester. One such improvement is at the Rochester Public Market. This renovation is scheduled for 2016 and will improve the amenities and infrastructure of the building itself in order to improve the shopping experience for vendors and customers. The Public Market renovation is the perfect example of how the city is balancing keeping up with the technology and ways of the future with preserving the dignity and charm of the past.

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A city like Rochester is certainly one in a million, with all its higher education and city improvement plans. Indeed, Rochester seems to have it all! The only thing missing is the Great American Cookies gourmet cookies experience.

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