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Invest in a Hot Minneapolis, MN Cookie Franchise Opportunity

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For entrepreneurs looking for an exhilarating new business venture, opening a Great American Cookies franchise in marvelous Minneapolis, MN may be just the adventure that is needed. As part of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is known for its fantastic cultural attractions, thriving economy, and incredible quality of life. With all of these advantages, Minneapolis is the perfect place to live and open a Great American Cookies franchise.

Cultural Attractions

Minneapolis is famous for its incredible theaters and sensational art displays. The Children’s Theatre Company and the Guthrie Theater are treasures in this wonderful city and the opportunities to appreciate art are endless. The Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and Walker Art Center, the 5th largest modern art museum in America, are all located in Minneapolis. While these tourist attractions are great for business, they make Minneapolis a fantastic and charming place to call home.


As part of the 2nd largest economic center in the Midwest, Minneapolis has an excellent economic environment for any entrepreneur looking to start a new business. The economy is stable and thriving, which has attracted many large corporations to the city, boosting the economy even more. Ameriprise Financial, Target, Thrivent Financial, U.S. Bancorp, and Xcel Energy all have headquarters in Minneapolis, making this city the 5th largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in America. With such a dependable and growing economy, you can expect your Great American Cookies franchise to thrive in Minneapolis, MN.

Population Growth

Due to its thriving economy, Minneapolis’s population is exploding. Since 2010 Minneapolis’s population has grown 4.6%, reaching a population of 407,207. This population growth is amazing for entrepreneurs looking for a new market. As the population grows, a Great American Cookies franchise is virtually guaranteed to have a new customer base each year in Minneapolis. Innovative business owners will take advantage of this growing market and be able to expand their franchise as the population grows.

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Quality of Life

In addition to a thriving economy and growing population, Minneapolis also has an incredible quality of life. In 2014, NerdWallet, a popular financial blog, ranked Minneapolis as the 3rd best city in the United States for quality of life. In addition to its many cultural attractions and strong economy, Minneapolis won this ranking because it is relative affordable and has a high percentage of healthy citizens.

In 2011, Minneapolis was ranked as the 7th most affordable city in the United States according to Forbes Magazine. A Gallup survey highlighted the fact that the citizens of Minneapolis are more likely to be both mentally and physically healthy and ranked Minnesota as the 4th healthiest state in America. With the benefits of both affordability and health, Minneapolis is the wonderful city to live in.

If you’re looking for a new business venture in a fantastic city to live in, open a Great American Cookies franchise in Minneapolis, MN today!