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Invest in a Hot Denver, CO Bakery Franchise Opportunity

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The Mile High City, Denver, Colorado, is a city that is known to rise to the occasion. Established as a mining town in 1858, Denver has undergone many transformations as the times have changed. In line with this resilience and adaptability, Denver is the perfect place for a new and upcoming Great American Cookies franchisee to open a location.

Denver Transformations

After being established as a mining town, Denver was abandoned and subsequently re-established as a town that catered rather successfully to miners and travelers. Originally called Denver City, the name was shortened to its current name in 1867 when it was established as the Territorial Capital. In 1870, the construction of a railroad helped to link Denver to the rest of the country, resulting in a growth explosion. Millionaires, middle class laborers, and the poverty stricken alike flocked to Denver to start a new life. An upsurge in poverty in the late 1800s caused by the fall of silver values prompted the beginning of a charity organization that is now known as United Way. At the present time, Denver is enjoying a surge of tourism and population growth, and is known for its world-famous ski resorts and attractions.

Economic Prosperity

Denver has recovered substantially from its days of being economically unstable. Denver is the largest city within 500 miles, so it is a hub for storage and transportation of goods. This position as a natural trade stop between the east and west has prompted many companies to form headquarters in Denver, bringing more economic growth, jobs, and people. Many fast casual restaurant concepts have enjoyed growth and prosperity in Denver. Denver was named one of the Best Places for Businesses and Careers by Forbes in 2013.

Warm Cookies for Cold Days

When out in the cold and snowy conditions, there is nothing quite like a warm and sweet treat. Great American Cookies can offer customers in Denver a cookie that fits with the area’s expectations of high quality foods, while allowing customers to quickly get that treat and get back to the fun. Franchisees may do best if they make sure that the cookies are baked in strategic shifts so that customers are drawn to the fragrant scent and are greeted with a fresh, hot cookie or brownie.

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Year Round Fun in Denver

For franchisees that love to ski, enjoy the snow, and like the variety of seasons, Denver can be a wonderful place to call home. While Denver is generally thought of as a ski resort town, there are also different events and attractions that roll with the seasons. Summer, fall, and spring bring many festivals, activities, and events to the area. There are art walks, parades, beer and food tastings, live music, and many other ways for both locals and tourists to have fun.