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Invest in a Hot Flagstaff, AZ Cookie Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Franchise in Flagstaff?

Are you looking for the opportunity to own your own business? Do you want the independence of being your own boss without sacrificing the support that comes from an established corporate system? Look no further than Great American Cookies, the inventor of the cookie cake and the leading gourmet cookie franchise in the nation! At Great American Cookies, we are looking for someone hard working and ambitious to open our newest franchise in Flagstaff, Arizona! Flagstaff has everything a franchise owner might want: a strong local economy, an exciting college town atmosphere, and close proximity to nature. This city is the ideal location for a Great American Cookies franchise; keep reading to find out why!

Strong Local Economy

Ranked #68 out of two-hundred on Forbes’ list of the best places for business and careers, Flagstaff has an excellent and stable economy. The city’s better-than-average rates of unemployment and job growth make it a good place to live and work, and the cost of living is less than the national average to boot. Tourism is a major industry in Flagstaff, as well as education, transportation, and government. The most important industries are probably technology and research, as various facilities are dedicated to research and development in a number of fields. The most notable is the Lowell Observatory, which is credited with discovering Pluto more than 75 years ago and is instrumental in observing and studying other phenomena in outer space, such as asteroids and comets. This economic diversity and stability work together to create a strong foundation on which you can build and expand your business.

College Town

Northern Arizona University, or NAU, and its student population of nearly 25,000 call Flagstaff home. NAU’s focus on STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—is mirrored in Flagstaff as a whole, as evidenced by Lowell Observatory and other research labs. Over 400 degrees are available at NAU, and the university undoubtedly has an impact on the city’s high rate of education; indeed, over 34% of the residents of Flagstaff have some sort of higher education certificate. Though your Flagstaff franchise will not directly be involved with NAU, the school contributes socially, economically, and educationally to the city in incalculable ways that benefit the city, its residents, and its businesses.

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Why Franchise in Flagstaff?

In the middle of the Arizona desert, Flagstaff is within a short distance of the Grand Canyon. Indeed, the customers of your Flagstaff franchise will surely work up an appetite for gourmet cookies when they are out hiking, exploring, and camping at the Grand Canyon. Additionally, the Grand Canyon attracts thousands of people each year, so your franchise’s customer base will be ever changing as tourists come and go.

The time to invest is now! Opening a Great American Cookies franchise in Flagstaff is a great way to become your own boss and invest in your community.