International Locations

Great American Cookies is a fun and versatile concept that fits in virtually anywhere. Our parent company already has master franchisees across the world, and we are ready to expand. Sharing the fun of cookies is a goal that transcends language and culture, which is why we already have such a strong international following.

Selecting Your Site

When you open a Great American Cookies store in your market, whether it is your first store or your fifty-first store, it is important to choose a site that works for your business. Site selection is the most important decision you make in opening a Great American Cookies franchise, and we are here to help.

Part of our international support is real estate and site selection assistance. As you prepare to open a new store, we provide you with criteria, design ideas, and the site layout, making the process as easy as possible. These criteria are incredibly useful as you look at prospective locations.

Space Requirements

The great thing about Great American Cookies is that you can make a store fit in almost any space! We have options for traditional and non-traditional stores, which allows Great American Cookies to work in a mall, travel hub, and a host of other location options!

The minimum requirements for a Great American Cookies international franchise are:

  • Traditional Store: 37–93 square meters (400–1000 square feet)
  • Non-traditional Store: 37–74 square meters (400–800 square feet)
  • Minimum population: 60,000 in a ten-mile radius

Download Our Franchise Brochure for More Information about Site Selection

Markets and Regions

Take a look at where we are currently developing Great American Cookies franchises with our Master Franchisees all over the world! Many of our Master Franchisees are offering sub-franchise opportunities where indicated below. If you’re interested in a sub-franchise opportunity, please click the email icon below to connect directly with the in-country contact!

If your country is not listed, we’d love to hear from you to discuss further opportunities!

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Not offering sub-franchises
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Not offering sub-franchises
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Not offering sub-franchises

United Arab Emirates
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Not offering sub-franchises

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. We are providing the United States FDD at your request, and as a condition to receiving this FDD, you acknowledge that we are not representing that the contents of the FDD will apply in any manner to our international franchise relationship, including but not limited to any financial performance representations set forth in the FDD.

Your country of interest may have individual franchise disclosure requirements. If we elect to engage in further sales discussions, we will fully comply with the franchise disclosure requirements as required by law in your country/territory of interest.