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What Kind of Training and Support Can I Expect?

One of the biggest perks of opening a franchise as opposed to starting your own business from scratch is the training and support from an established corporate network.

Global Franchise Group (GFG), the parent company of Great American Cookies, offers industry-leading training to all our franchise owners. After you sign the franchise agreement, you will attend training at GFG University in Atlanta where you will learn everything you need to operate your business.

At GFG University, you will receive back office training and learn how to run your business, keep financial records, and manage HR. You will leave GFG University with a conceptual understanding of operating your business.making cookies

Your training does not end at GFG University. When you open your cookie store, our corporate personnel will be there to assist with the opening and to offer additional in-store training. This in-store training is key to helping our franchise owners learn how to run and manage the store once it is open.

Additionally, you will build a relationship with our corporate personnel who can help you in the future with questions or concerns that arise as time goes on. Our field consultants can also assist you when it’s time for you to grow your gourmet cookie business.

Apart from training, GFG offers our franchise owners ongoing support from the moment they sign the franchise agreement and throughout the life of the business. One of the biggest perks of opening a franchise is that you are investing in a proven business concept and a huge network of experienced individuals who have streamlined the franchise process.

As a franchise owner, you will receive help from our corporate personnel with everything from real estate identification to lease negotiations to location build out. Great American Cookies and GFG have experts in these fields so that you will not be left to do these things on your own.

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