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  • marketing

    A recent report found that franchisees spend as much as 50% of their time trying to bring in business and find new customers. That is a huge chunk of time spent on just one part of your franchise business! When it comes to local franchise marketing, some franchise owners wonder if there is more they […..] Continue reading

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  • happy woman

    Opening a new franchise location and getting through the grand opening and the first few months of operation is one thing, but staying in business, flourishing, and dominating your niche in the local market for years is another. Failure among franchises is far less common than among start-ups, but it happens. When it does, one […..] Continue reading

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  • thumbs up

    Before you make any franchising decision, there are two major aspects of having a franchise business to consider: picking the franchise that suits your desires and needs and selecting a site that is readily accessible to the public. Both of these are critical when choosing a franchise, but one of them is more important than […..] Continue reading

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  • business people

    When it comes to thriving in the franchise industry over the long term, nothing beats the advantages that come with joining a franchise. You want a franchise opportunity that will deliver for you, regardless of whether the country is experiencing boom times or a temporary downturn. Your franchise disclosure document will reveal recent financial performance, […..] Continue reading

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  • right and wrong arrows

    Many who would love to finally “be their own boss” and get their foot in the door in the quick-serve restaurant industry are needlessly held back from pursuing their dreams based on irrational fears. Fear can be a good thing when it is based on facts and prevents you from running recklessly ahead in the […..] Continue reading

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  • six fingers

    There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into the warm goodness of a double fudge or Domino Cookie from Great American Cookies. And curating that experience for customers is what it’s all about. When investors consider franchise ownership, they want to find an opportunity that they can feel equally good about. They’re looking for a franchise […..] Continue reading

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  • open sign

    One of the benefits of investing in a bakery franchise instead of starting a bakery from scratch is that your level of involvement can vary. If you’re starting your own bakery, you’re most likely going to have to work long hours baking and selling baked goods on your own. You’ll be in the trenches, so […..] Continue reading

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  • cookie franchise

    In a world in which advertising defines the products we want and the products we buy, the chocolate chip cookie is in a category all its own. You don’t need to hang a sign on it, explaining its features and benefits. It is universally recognized. You don’t need fancy packaging it to enhance its appeal. […..] Continue reading

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  • cookie business

    One of the neatest and most fun business opportunities to get into is the cookie making business. After all, who doesn’t like cookies? Older people, younger people, kids of all ages, men, women, and children—everybody loves cookies. Sure, you’ll have to like to bake cookies—lots of cookies actually—and you’ll have to be willing to put […..] Continue reading

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  • all-american cookie

    Great American Cookies has been sharing the fun of cookies since its first store opened nearly forty years ago in Atlanta. While Great American Cookies remains the place to find all kinds of tasty treats like cookies, brownies, double doozies, and cookie cakes (Great American Cookies is the proud home of the original cookie cake!), the […..] Continue reading

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  • executive

    As you focus on the type of business to invest in, you might have discovered that a cookie franchise opportunity is the way to go. At first, it might seem overwhelming to invest in and open a business, but with the support of the parent company, opening a franchise with Great American Cookies is easier […..] Continue reading

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  • cityscape

    Do you remember what the world was like 50 years ago? Were you even alive in 1964? If so, you may recall the excitement of traveling beyond Earth’s orbit, the Beatles taking America by storm, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 being signed into law.Do you remember what the most profitable franchise was? Though […..] Continue reading

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