Why open a Great American Cookies Franchise?

If you’re considering business ownership, you want to start a business you feel passionate about. At Great American Cookies, our passion is “Sharing the Fun of Cookies,” and we’re looking for people (like you!) who share that spirit.

The Great American Cookies Difference

We’ve been baking fresh cookies in-store since 1978. When other brands found it easier to ship frozen dough and Cookie Cake wafers, we stuck to our roots and the fresh-baked flavor our customers had grown to love.

All of our cookies are baked fresh, in-store throughout the day. We never freeze our dough and we hand pat our Cookie Cakes as each one is made to order. When it comes to quality, there are no shortcuts. Ours is truly a passion you can taste in each and every cookie.

Great American Cookies

Why Should I start a Great American Cookies Franchise?

Searching for information on a low investment franchise opportunity?

We’re often asked by potential franchise owners why they should purchase a Great American Cookies franchise. While there are more reasons than we could list, we think the best answer is that people just love cookies!

Most of us have been eating cookies since we were children. The smell, taste, and warm sense of nostalgia that cookies bring is nearly impossible to replicate. Imagine bringing that happiness to your customers each and every day.

It’s hard to find that sense of satisfaction from most jobs, and that’s what makes baking cookies so different. Here are several more reasons to own a cookie franchise:

  • Innovative products: Whether we’re inventing the Cookie Cakem Double Doozies or introducing hot new limited time flavors like Strawberry Crinkle, we’re always staying ahead of the curve and inventing new cookie favorites.
  • We’re #1: We’ve been ranked the #1 Baked Goods Franchise in Entrepreneur for six straight years. We’re best-in-class and our fresh, never-frozen cookies are the reason customers love us.
  • Low initial investment: Compared to most franchises, we offer a low cost franchise opportunity that’s easy to get started and scalable for multiple units. You can own several Great American Cookies for the price of one typical standalone fast food franchise. That’s an important differentiator.
  • Multi-unit owner’s dream brand. Nearly every mall wants a cookie concept in-house. Leverage our brand recognition and scale up your operations by opening multiple locations. THINK BIG, but always remember that everyone starts with one store. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • Thousands of opportunities available: We have locations available in nearly every state across the U.S. Want to lock down a territory? Get in on the ground floor and sign a development agreement for your area. We are currently offering Area Development Agreements for those looking to sign 3 or more stores. An ADA (Area Development Agreement) is a very important tool if you’re looking to own multiple stores and want to cherry pick the territory you operate in. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity while there’s still time!
  • Co-branding with our other concepts: Let’s face it, most people aren’t content with just one franchise location. As a company that owns four snack food brands, we offer the rare ability to expand your franchise footprint. We have franchise owners who own stores in multiple states and even multiple stores within the same mall! Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies in ONE location? Sign me up!

What Makes Our Dessert Franchise Different?

A family business that’s franchise focused

There are thousands of franchises across the country. Some franchise companies own multiple brands within different industries. But our parent company, Global Franchise Group, is a strategic brand management company focused solely on snack food franchises. Our owners benefit from that laser focus with:

  • Extensive franchisee classroom and platform training through GFG University
  • Ongoing marketing and PR support
  • Operations consultations with Great American Cookies Franchise Business Consultants
  • Easy scalability for multi-unit franchise owners
  • Family-focused operations model
  • Ability to Share the Fun of Cookies!
  • Expanding or adding additional brands to your existing store all under one parent company
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Available Territories

Bring Great American Cookies to you, wherever you are

We’re looking for owners in locations across the U.S. Have a location you’re interested in? Let us know! Here are the criteria we look for;

  • Location type: Malls, lifestyle centers, shopping plazas, military bases, college campuses, and many more!
  • Minimum: population of 60,000 within a 10-mile radius
  • Minimum: median household income of $40,000
  • Minimum: 200 square feet (for kiosks) or 600 to 1,100 square feet (for inline locations)
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Multi Unit Franchise Opportunities

Scaling up to multi-unit ownership is incredibly simple

Love owning a Great American Cookie franchise? Open another! Being a multi-unit franchisee allows you to tap into your experience of operating one store to expand your potential sources of income. Here’s how;

  • Staff training (and more importantly, manager training) is easily facilitated with multi-units.
  • A single owner can comfortably own three to five stores with a small amount of “administrative” staff. Share staff across your stores to help with staffing!
  • Once you’ve been through the training program and you’ve operated your own store, you’re well equipped to repeat the process.
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What it Takes to Own a Cookie Franchise

Are you ready to become a business owner?

You’ll benefit most from our low investment franchise opportunity if this sounds like you:

  • You’re financially stable, with a net worth of at least $250K and liquidity of $100K per store
  • You have a committed, positive attitude
  • You’re confident, ambitious and self-motivated
  • You’re willing to work for success, complete ongoing training and attend meetings
  • You’re passionate about the business, the brand, and the community
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Download the Free Great American Cookies Franchise Report

Next Steps

    Once you complete the request form to the left, you will recieve an email titled "Welcome to Great American Cookies®". Click on the link in this email to access our Virtual Brochure. Expect a call from a Regional Development Manager for an initial conversation to determine if your goals match our business model.

  1. Complete the full application for pre-qualification
  2. Once approved, you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document, which includes a Financial Performance Representation of average net sales, cost of goods and rent and labor figures
  3. One-on-one meetings (virtual and personal) with your Development Manager
  4. Contact existing franchisees for feedback
  5. A trip out to Headquarters in Georgia to meet the team (Optional)
  6. If approved to join the franchise family, you'll sign your franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee of $35,000
  7. Secure your location with the help of our Real Estate team, and open your business!
This process is typically 30 - 90 days from your first inquiry until signing the final documents. Your Development Manager will be guiding you though this entire discovery process to answer any questions along the way.
Contact us today to learn more!